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cnc routed sign

Laser Innovations, Inc., now has a CNC Router that we use to create our custom shaped awards, medallions, wooden boxes, desk accessories, signs, cutting boards and other specialty items.  We also use it to cut out parts cutting all the way through the material.  Our router has a 4' x 8' bed so we can cut or route items as large as a sheet of plywood.  Repeated accuracy is within a few thousandths of an inch for accurate mass production on any project.


computerized routing

First we create the product with a computer graphics program, then program the machine by writing the G-code, and finally sending the program to the router to create the part.  A 3 dimensional effect can be achieved using the skeleton mode, where the depth of cut is automatically adjusted on the fly, perfect for varying width lines such as sign lettering.

CNC router



cut out name


We can cut all the way through wood, plywood, particle board, or most plastics to create custom parts, sign lettering, display racks, or any other intricate cut-outs.  Combine our cutting, routing and laser engraving services and the product ideas are limitless.   Call us for pricing or more ideas.


CNC cutting

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