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Laser Innovations, Inc. engraves any black and white artwork into most any material producing very unique signs, awards, gifts, and other specialty items. Most of our signs are interior door, name, directional or informational type signs, though we also do exterior signs.

All signs are constructed of solid cedar, walnut, or oak and then laser engraved or routed with your artwork or ours, for a truly unique sign custom made for the customer.   Several different type styles are available along with your logo or many other artwork designs, making an endless number of possibilities for your sign.

Your first step in designing a sign is to know the approximate size and shape for the sign. Try to remember that the size always looks smaller from a distance.

After you know the approximate size and shape of the sign, you must choose the artwork to be engraved. Send us your own artwork or logo for your own unique one of a kind sign.   If you cannot supply the black and white art to be engraved, we can help you create it or find it, either in our files or direct you to a possible source for it.

After you choose the size and artwork for your sign, we will lay out a camera ready proof for engraving, then laser engrave or route that artwork into the sign board.

Once it is engraved, a finish is applied to the wood, and often paint can be added for color. Our finishes are rated for exterior use, but due to the uncontrollable characteristics of the elements we do not guarantee any engraving that is placed outdoors. All signs placed outdoors should have a finish reapplied at least once a year or as needed.

Price for your sign is determined by its size and complexity. We charge approximately $65.00 per square foot for most signs. After you have decided upon the size and design of the sign, we will give you an exact quote for the job. Quantity discounts are available.

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery. Rush service is often available.


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