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Laser Innovations, Inc. also offers a variety of laser engraved stand-up awards which are appropriate for the desk, shelf or mantel.  They are made of wood, acrylic or marble plaques which sit neatly into a wood, brass or plastic base.  Most of those pictured below are approximately 3 inches wide and over 7 inches tall.  Cost ranges from $22.50 to $28.50 each, with quantity discounts available.  Other sizes and shapes are available at an additional cost.  All awards are custom laser engraved and personalized with your artwork.

  stand up awards       $36.50           $36.50             $38.50              $36.50             $34.50


Layouts are only sample ideas.  Prices are based upon material and size of plaque and type of base.  Please contact us for more information.


medallions.JPG (28611 bytes)

Laser Innovations can also create customized wooden medallions in many different shapes and sizes for any event. The CNC router will cut out a shape, and then the laser will engrave anything that the customer desires into it. Call us for more details and pricing information.

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