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Laser Engraved Lake Maps

lake map engraving

$49.50 each
(personalization included)

Our 8"x10" solid oak lake map is a great way to
show off the lake where you live. Each map
shows the shoreline and island contour and can
be personalized with a star and your name indicating
where you live along the lake. All you need to do is
send us an 8 1/2"x11" paper copy of the map of your
lake indicating the exact location of your property
and spelling of your name, and we'll redraw it and
engrave it for your memento. Be aware that the more
detailed the map you send us, the more detailed the
engraving will be. Please include miles of shoreline,
acres of water, maximum depth, and species of fish.
Allow 2 weeks for production.


Laser Engraved Certificate or Diploma Plaque


$49.50 each

Have your special certificate of recognition or school
diploma permanently laser engraved into a solid oak or
walnut 8"x10" plaque ready to hang on your wall. Being
less expensive than a nice frame, this is the perfect way
to show off your accomplishments while still protecting
the originals. Please only send us a nice and clean
photocopy, not the originals. Note that copyrighted
materials and some stamps or seals are not reproducible.
(Other size available, prices vary). A great keepsake gift.

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